32.37  (244.00 kn)

80% viscose

A business look doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, stiff and monochromatic. Dresses are the definite #it piece of every trendsetter, who is also a business woman. 

A slightly classic dress, with irresistible details of gold buttons, is ideal for any business woman who wants to leave #wowefekt wherever it appears. The discreet V neckline makes this dress very sexy, as well as the narrow cut, and the asymmetrical line and narrowed waist reveal the feminine lines of your figure. Although seemingly similar to LORIS dress, the FABIOLA dress is a definite choice for girls who prefer a combination of dark-light tones. 

Wear it for work, on a jacket,and for a later #afterwork party with friends. Therefore, this dress is really a piece for all occasions.

Combine it with our NITA III jacket and DIANA bag.